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tmemo behaviour on wince


Hi everyone,

after finishing a small program for windows mobile I noticed an issue with the memo component. If you delete some letters from a line and then do a statement like  "variable := memo1.lines[index]",
the variable usually contains an extra letter, usually the last one deleted. If the line contains two or less characters then the variable contains an extra letter whether anything is deleted or not. It behaves like this on the windows mobile emulator and on my mobile which is an xda orbit with windows mobile 6 professional. I did a test program just to make sure  the program wasn't messing with the strings. The test program contained just that one assignment statement, but same results.

This is only happening with  wince, everything is fine in windows xp. allthough it happens on the emulator and the phone, it is a lot worse on a real device. On the phone contents of the memo get more garbled with each save and load. I have tried different string types for the variable thinking it might be a conversion problem but no luck.

I have tried the test program with lazarus fpc 2.4.0 and lazarus 0.9.29 fpc 2.4.1. Could somebody please point out what I'm doing wrong.

Thank you.


Please report this bug in the bug tracker.


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