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Tspinedit possible bug


When decimalplaces is set to two and an integer say 123 is set to value was expecting to see 1.23 in the control and with the increment set to 1
I was also expecting with an increment request to see 1.23 go to 1.24.
Instead I see 123.00 and after increment 124.00 I see minuscule value in this so I think it is a bug.
Stable and debug-able 26.2 fpc 2.2 win 2k
Am I missing something?

You mean TFloatSpinEdit ?

Value and increment both are Double. So you can enter a value of 1.23 and an increment of 0.01

I am using 0.9.29

Tfloatspinedit works thank you Martin.  The tspinedit has the decimalplaces property ( not in the object nspector but it is there) but as Martin points out if you want the decimal places to work then Tfloatspinedit is the only way to go.


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