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Property is published, but not in Object Inspector


In TForm's class definition (unit Forms) there is property "LCLVersion", declared in published section.

--- Code: ---property LCLVersion: string read FLCLVersion write FLCLVersion stored LCLVersionIsStored;

--- End code ---

When designing the Form in Lazarus IDE, this property does not appear in Object Inspector!

In Form's .lfm file, however, this property appears regularly:

--- Code: ---object Form1: TForm1
  LCLVersion = '0.9.29'

--- End code ---

I thought that published section means -- appears in Object Inspector.
My question is -- how can a published property be excluded from Object inspector?

Maybe it's ignored by Lazarus because of it's special purpose.
Nevertheless I'm interested in the anser as well.


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