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help - units interfacebase/themes have circular reference laz 9.29 svn23762


on windows, with lazarus 9.29 with fpc 2.4.1 (I think it was a snapshot) svn r23762 (according to lazarus about box), there is a circular reference between lcl/interfacebase.pp and lcl/themes.pas.  (I have done rebuilds of lcl from within lazarus [only build option -rebuild lcl], but at the moment I've forgotten why I did them, maybe hoping to prepare for debugging.)

I suspect this is causing the error that tells me "Can't find unit Themes used by InterfaceBase" from something I'm trying to build that is referencing interfacebase.

When I've introduced my own circular reference in a (lazarus) project, it was reported to me as such, but this one appears to be giving the unit found error.

Comments/suggestions/help ???

I had the same problem. Did you also have to messages?
>Recompiling Themes, checksum changed for LCLProc
>Can't find unit Themes, used by InterfaceBase
Or something to that extend.

I found,next.html
translated to English the solution that worked for me too is, in the project directory there are a number of compiled files *.o and *.ppu that for some reason were not removed before compiling. Remove the *.o and *.ppu files and you should be able to compile your project again.


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