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Extended (float 80-bit) to text in 64-bit


I have a small debugger, and one of the types that needs to be displayed to the user is the state of the fpu while debugging a 32-bit application (so it has valid fpu data)

The data I receive is in 80-bit floating point notation, but since the type "extended" has been replaced with the "double" type(in 64-bit), I can't just set a pointer to it and output it using format or floattostr

So, is there a workaround for this ? E.g a separate softwareExtended type or something I could use? Or will I have to go learn the 80-bit IEEE binary format and just write a converter myself ? (All I need is output to text, no need to modify it)

Ok, I see there's a unit named softpu.pp, but one problem, adding it to the uses fails saying it can't be found, so i'll have to look into that (probably ending up just cutting out the parts I need)

Ouch (looks like it was an automated conversion from C to pascal, without even testing if it worked)

Ok, I got it to work, and am getting proper results now


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