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February 28, 2010 - betasoft is pleased to announce a Delphi and Free Pascal client library for the open source message broker JBoss HornetQ 2.1.

With this library, part of the Habari JMS Client suite (which already supports popular message brokers and application servers like GlassFish v2 and v3, Geronimo 2.2, WebSphere CE, OpenMQ 4.4 and ActiveMQ 5.3), Delphi and Free Pascal applications can exchange messages with JBoss products, including the JBoss Application Server, using the peer-to-peer or the publish and subscribe communication model. Habari HornetQ Client uses the Stomp message protocol and a plug-in architecture for communication libraries and message transformers for XML and JSON object serialization, and follows the specification of the JMS API for Message Oriented Middleware.

The release of Habari HornetQ Client is planned for March 2010.

The development version of JBoss HornetQ 2.1 now includes the Stomp client code which allows to use this standalone and embeddable message broker for cross-platform integration projects with Delphi (and other languages). A blog article shows the steps to build and run the development version of HornetQ, who recently performed very well in the SPECjms2007 benchmark obtained by Kai Sachs and Stefan Appel from an independent research group at the TU Darmstadt, Germany.

Read the full article:

Documentation based on the current JBoss HornetQ development version is
already available here:

"Habari HornetQ Client - Getting Started":

The demo download is available at

The API documentation can be browsed online at

About JBoss HornetQ (From the General FAQ:)

      "HornetQ is an open source project to build a multi-protocol,
embeddable, very high performance, clustered, asynchronous messaging
system.  HornetQ is an example of Message Oriented Middleware (MoM)"

      "HornetQ takes over from JBoss Messaging as our premier JMS

      "HornetQ can be easily integrated in JBoss Application Server as
the JMS provider, it can also be run as a fully functional completely
independent standalone messaging server outside of JBoss Application
Server, or it can be instantiated in your dependency injection framework
of choice, e.g. Spring or Google Guice.  You can even embed HornetQ
directly in your own applications."

Here are some examples for software solutions built on top of a Message Broker like HornetQ:

  • Load Balancing: using the point-to-point or queuing model, many worker' applications can be installed on different computers. Every new message sent to the queue will be delivered only to one client. The server will keep messages until they are expired or delivered to a client.
  • Persistent Storage: messages can be stored in the Message Broker and retrieved even after a restart.
  • Interprocess Communication: applications can use point-to-point messages to exchange information between each other even if the receiver currently is not running.
  • Intranet News Ticker Application: using the publish and subscribe communication model, news can be delivered to all registered client applications. The message sender works like a broadcast station, and does not care if clients don't listen.

Michael Justin
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