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TZVDateTimePicker control
« on: February 27, 2010, 12:18:48 pm »
The new ZVDateTimeControls package is released.

The new control TZVDateTimePicker provides all the functionality of old TDatePicker, but improved to edit time too.

The most important new feature of TZVDateTimePicker is displaying and editing of date, time or both parts.
New component editor is also added.

TZVDateTimePicker behaves like Delphi's TDateTimePicker control, but it does not use native control, it is intended to be cross-platform uniformely working control, it has been tested on Windows XP (win32 ws) and Ubuntu Linux (gtk2 ws).

The Wiki page:

The download page:

Download from Lazarus-ccr

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Re: TZVDateTimePicker control
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Very good, thanks to great work!


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