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Some things i wanna know before i start my console

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captian jaster:
First, are there some uses codes i should know about?
All i know is
--- Code: ---CRT,DOS,WINDOWS,SysUtils,Classes
--- End code ---
Should i know more?
another thing is how do i know that the color im selecting will work?
Can i get a list of color codes?

This is more of a code request but can i use the
--- Code: ---const
--- End code ---
and the
--- Code: ---if
--- End code ---
code so that depending on what is typed in the text changes color?
Thanxs in advance!

Do yourself a favour and read some introduction (book or tutorial on the net (I gave you some starting links in a previous post)) on programming in TurboPascal (since you seem to be interested in programming console applications).
(Look for books by Jef Dunteman or Tom Swan, you can bye them for almost nothing in any good second hand bookstore, and they'll be worth every penny you spend on them)

This will answer most of the basic questions you have (and it will teach you how to do structured programming as well).

If you have further questions, please tell us what you want to achieve, show us what you have done (actual code) and at what point you got stuck.
We'll be happy to help.


captian jaster:
OK thanks. im already using this website;
It has worked out well so far! ive also re-wrote my console code without  the Goto codes so thanxs  :) .


--- Quote ---Should i know more?
--- End quote ---
Even if you're only playing with console it's worth to know other units (Contnrs, DateUtils, etc.). The documentation is your friend.

Also, my suggestion: Drop Crt unit completely (it sucks, though handy in some cases), use Keyboard, Video, and Mouse unit (KVM) instead.

captian jaster:
if i drop the crt will i be able to use TextBackground and codes like that?
And thanks!


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