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StaticText not colored in a GroupBox

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My mistake, I wasn't aware of that.

No problem,If you think of (find) something please post it...
Thank you anyway...

Nicola Gorlandi:
I tested Tlabel on some Windows Mobile without problem except a bug in SVN version. Have you made some other test ?

In almost all Windows mobile a Tlabel text does't appear in many cases!So I tried a static text which appears everywhere!But with the static text a have this color problem in a group box(see image attached)!It would be very comfortable for me to use a Tlabel text but it is not reliable(it does't appear in a group box)!So I try to find a solution for the static text as it is more reliable but as it seems there is no solution with the color!

TLabel works, but not inside a TGroupBox, see:

TStaticText color works, but not inside a TGroupBox ... please report this as a bug

There is something wrong with TGroupBox and I tryed to fix today, but didn't manage. It seams that messages aren't sent to child controls of the group box, I checked that WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC is sent to the static text outside group box and also to the group box but not to child items ... maybe upon this message the group box should propage it to all child controls, don't know


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