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StaticText not colored in a GroupBox

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Hello!Nice job with the forum!!!My question is this:
When I place a Static box inside a GroupBox the backround of the static box remains white.I can't change its color!So when I build it in my PDA-Smartphone my groupbox is light blue and the static text is white(does't take the color of the form-groupbox).But when the static text is outside the groupbox, it takes normally the color of the form...
Do you know if I can change it and how?
I have attached a picture to show my problem...

Maybe ParentColor defaults to false?
Or as a workaround, use a TLabel?

I have tried Parentcolor true but the result is the same!
I don't use a Tlabel.Should I?

IIRC a TLabel doesn't have a background.
So the only thing you'll see is the text, without the white box.

The only problem is that a Tlabel does't appear to all PDAs and Smartphones.
On the other hand static text appears to everything, no matter what software they have
(eg.Win Mobile 5,1 - 6 - 7)!That's why I have used static text...
I used Tlabel and I was forced to change it,in order to be supported better.But I have
this problem with the backround color now....


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