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I'm new here and use Lazarus 0.9.6 for Windows. When I try to install the glscene-component (see package (an .ipk-file) which is specially made for Lazarus with the sources of the latest version I get everytime the same error:
"can't find unit GlScanlinedGraphics".
It would be great if anyone could help me to solve this problem because I really need the library.

Thank you very much.

Try this package by lod__
I tested it on Linux and it's OK, should work on windows too :)

I now use the newest beta version of lazarus. There seems to be a bug. Trying to install any package, the following error appears:
LazarusWin\glscenelazarus.pas(6,2) Fatal: Syntax error, "BEGIN" expected but "." found

The line which causes the problem is:
.unit GLSceneLazarus;

It seems the package-manager generates wrong units for packages.

Lazarus has ONLY beta version, people even use the CVS to update.
Why the dot on that line ? Of course it's wrong, remove the dot !
The package manager has nothing to do with it, this is NOT a Lazarus BUG.

I open the glscenelazarus.lpk file in Lazarus and try to install it. But after a couple of moments, the compiler stops because of this error message at a file called glscenelazarus. See the following code:

.unit GLSceneLazarus;


  GLMisc, VectorGeometry, OpenGL1x, VectorTypes, Spline, VectorLists,
    PersistentClasses, XOpenGL, GLTexture, GLGraphics, GLUtils,
    GLCrossPlatform, GLContext, GLState, XCollection, GeometryBB, Polynomials,
    GLStrings, GLWin32Context, GLLCLViewer, GLSilhouette, GLScene, GLObjects,
    GLTeapot, GLGeomObjects, GLBehaviours, GLLazarusRegister,
    ApplicationFileIO, Info, FVectorEditor, GLSceneEditNew, LazarusPackageIntf;


procedure Register;
  RegisterUnit('GLLazarusRegister', @GLLazarusRegister.Register);
  RegisterUnit('ApplicationFileIO', @ApplicationFileIO.Register);

  RegisterPackage('GLSceneLazarus', @Register);

It doesn't use anything to remove this point and to recompile, the package isn't installed. I don't know why this error occurs.


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