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gdvdslides 0.9.0 Create Video Slideshows with Linux


gdvdslides is a gtk2.0-based program that allows you to create a slideshow video from a set of JPEG image files and audio files.

gdvdslides creates a script of actions that is used to produce the slideshow video. Actions include titles, multi-track music, transitions between slides, special effects in slides, support for slideshow themes and inclusion of video clips in the slideshow.

gdvdslides is distributed under GPLv3 and comes with complete help support and a tutorial of how to use the program. It is available at

Changes in version 0.9.0 include

* Set initial window location to be viewable in all displays
* Add menu items for slide controls and edit controls
* Use smaller icons in menus
* Add context-sensitive help to transition/other dialog
* Fix display on non-standard font systems


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