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Audorra - Digital 3D audio library - 0.5 BETA

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Audorra - Digital 3d audio library

Audorra is a digital audio library for Delphi and Freepascal. Using a flexible plugin architecture, it allows you to exchange the audio backend (e.g. WaveOut, OpenAL, libao), add protocol classes (e.g. file, http) and audio decoders.

Audorra is meant to be an addition to my 2d graphics engine Andorra 2D and my FFMpeg-Wrapper solution Acinerella. Distinct from solutions like BASS or FMOD Audorra is Opensource, licensed under the MPL.

It contains an efficient 3d audio software renderer, which allows you to position audio sources in a 3d environment.

These are the most striking features of Audorra:
  [*]Support for multichannel audio
  [*]3D audio renderer
  [*]Support for many audio formats when using Acinerella
  [*]Support for HTTP streams using a modified version of Synapse
  [*]Analyzers (FFT, Oscilloscope, Peakmeter)
  [*]CD-Audio support
  [*]Cross platform

The current version might be found here:

The documentation (which is about to grow) can be found here:

Please remember that the current release (Version 0.5.0) is marked as BETA and may contain critical bugs. Also keep in mind that the interface is about to change until Version 1.0 is reached.

In the upcoming versions the 3D audio renderer will be improved.

More information can be found on the Audorra Website:

I hope that someone might find this project useful,

hmm looks like the lpi file of the lcl demo is damaged.

Yes, you were right - I've somehow missed to test this demo. I've made another release 0.5.1 in which it should compile/run out of the box (on windows).

Here's a screenshot of the application - I've just downloaded, opened demos/simple_lcl/simple_lcl.lpi and compilied it:




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