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Lazarus trunk problem - projecs can't compile if path contains special chars

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Paul Ishenin:
Please know if you are using lazarus trunk and fpc 2.4.0 you are not able to compile lazarus projects which have spaces and other special characters in the path. This problem affect only linux and osx users (well, all unix like systems). The problem is in fpc 2.4.0 and already fixed in fpc trunk. Therefore if you are using fpc trunk or fpc on windows you will not notice the error.

To workaround the problem save your project to the path without special characters or switch to fpc trunk.

This perhaps can be partially solved if Lazarus do not send full, but relative path to resource compiler. Usually, project's main directory name may constain spaces and most of sources including resources are in the main directory.

On Windows, running external executable assume also sending working directory for that application by Shell function and thus is enough to send also relative path with filename for the parameters application will use. If that is the case on Linux, problem can be avoided.

I cannot agree with "partially solving".If there's bug in rtl it must be fixed, especially for basic things like spaces in paths/filenames.

Of course, however if this proposed solution works, it may help for large percent of cases...

Anyway, I simply cannot believe that such elementary bug exist in "stable" FPC 2.4.0...

There's even more "elementary bugs" ...


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