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TStringGrid: which event fires when checkbox is changed?

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--- Quote from: jesusr on January 20, 2010, 09:58:02 pm ---Right, the grid didn't have a easy way to detect checkbox toggle, in Lazarus 23510 I have added a new event: OnCheckboxToggled it has an aState argument that indicates what was the final state of checkbox, this event is triggered for currently cell, ie, grid.col, grid.row.

--- End quote ---
I know the post is more than 12 years old, but did this ever make it into an official release of Lazarus? I have the same problem right now where I would need to get an event fired up when the checkbox in the first column of a tStringGrid gets changed. But overall documentation of the use of those checkboxes is rather thin in general and there is no event shown in the Object Inspector for either the column or the cell with the checkbox(es)...

PS: Never mind, I think I found it. tStringgrid.OnCheckBoxToggled seems to be what I was looking for...


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