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Allegro 4.4.0 (stable) released.

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I've just uploaded the first stable version of the Allegro.pas game library. As some of you know, this library is a wrapper of the Allegro game library, so you can use this great library with Free Pascal and Lazarus.

I've fixed few bugs, added new functionality and create two new examples, one of them exclusive for Lazarus. Also I've revised the documentation partially. Remember you should update Allegro also because the most recent versions fix a lot of bugs that affects Allegro.pas (i.e. sprite rotating, textured 3D polygon renderer, etc.).

Get more information and download it from it's project page.

Comments, criticism and suggestions are welcomed. :)

I just try demo. It's very good. Congratulation

Great Works! Keep it up

Great project -- I volunteered to team up on Source Forge.  I'm fixing to work through Jonathan Harbour's Game Programming All in One -- it's written for C++, but I want to do it using Lazarus/FPC and your Alleg.Pas library.

Thanks for the replies. 8) I'm keeping it up.

Now I'm planing an actual game using it and also more examples for next release.


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