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Caperaven: /

GLScene provides RAD OpenGL development in delphi.
It is a great package with a large following.
The site is a bit dormant, but for the real action see the general forum.
(link is on the body page of

The community is realy interested in supporting Freepascal and thus lazarus. This will enable RAD OpenGL development in Win and Lin.
How cool is that.

Any support that the lazarus community could provide in this process would be greatly appreciated and I believe to the benifit of both.

Giuseppe RidinĂ²:
I am new here and getting lot of interest about Lazarus.
This about GLScene sounds very interesting!
Anyway I am interested in game development and 3D engines in general and thus with Lazarus too.
Which are ATM the possibilityies of 3D in Lazarus?

Reimar Grabowski wrote some opengl bindings for linux, I wrote a gtkglarea control, which is a opengl control for the LCL. There is also an example.
This is somewhat linux specific at the moment, but maybe a start.
See also the asmoday project on sourceforge.
AFAIK he is currently writing an 3D editor, which should eventually become a plugin for lazarus.

GlScene is GREAT!!

i hope see glscene working with lazarus in windows and linux soon.

With current GLScene CVS, LCL release and FPC 1.9.4 there are now two GLScene "teapot' samples that run :)
- an SDL-based viewer (LCL used only for base classes)
- a LCL-based viewer (viewer component in a LCL TForm)

If any LCL guru is listening, there are currently two roadblocks:
- LM_ERASEBKGND isn't honoured (so the viewer component flickers like mad)
- TBitmap has no ScanLine property (so no texture support in LCL, as everything is based around TGraphic and conversion to raster data goes through TBitmap)


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