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pascal with AI(artifical intelligence)


below is translated auto by google:
pascal how to increase artificial intelligence?, I used the simplest language to express this:
1. The introduction of random errors
Now pascal language implementation of all methods are accurate, why not give it a probability of error? As if the annotation using java, we can provide this method plus a dna (biological double helix) properties, this method can control the error probability of 20%, that 80% of the time, the object generated by the implementation of this method expected results are right, 20% of the implementation of this method when the result is wrong.
The same DNA properties can also be used definitions of the variables, assuming a normal value of the variable should be 100, we can give this variable to add a dna properties, the value of this variable may be executed each time when changes are made will be, leading to the system, there are different behavior.
2. Evolutionary mechanisms
Now the software production process is also a way of evolution, only elimination mechanism is still our man to complete, and now a lot of testers have been doing this matter. How does the introduction of binary evolution? Nature has already told us the answer, that is, through war and eat, of course, this war now occurs only in the software world. Did not like the movie "The Matrix", as occurred in the real world. We can design an elimination mechanism pascal language out, such as code to steal the code and so on.
3. The most realistic AI resulted in one of the following
Automatic language translation machine, after about a year of automatic learning, the machine can automatically translate one language into another language. As for the concern that everyone worried about the film The Matrix (matrix) results, is superfluous. War is life (or a chemical reaction) is part of the Tam do not worry about whether you're doomed to happen, including human society, the animal world, or even the whole universe. Unless the energy loss, we can not change this fact.
From now on I can see the information on the Internet, the next step in the direction of the software is the AI (Artificial Intelligence)

look at url below:(every one should learn chinese now)

I think the problem with evolutionary mechanisms is that you then cannot port your software on other IDEs.

The solution would be to integrate the AI into the IDE, so that if you have a syntax error, the IDE will make suggestions how you could have ment it (or will add the ";" or closing " ' " itself), but the language itself should be clear.


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