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Lazarus trunk now requires fpc 2.4.0

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Is there any particular reason why there are Linux fpc-2.4.x rpm, but not deb, packages available for download in the Lazarus directory on the ftp server? Thanks.

Has already someone created a binary package of a fpc 2.4.0 linux->win32 crosscompiler?
For 2.2.4 there was one in the Lazarus downloads...

yes, I've created cross win32 succesfully. Just follow

Synapse library work with FPC 2.4.0 ?

I looked LNet library but I don't think it work cause, I found my_function(const a) ;

Could we replace FPC 2.2.4 on Lazarus 0.98.2 by FPC 2.4.0 ? Somebody have tested ?


--- Quote from: bubulemaster on January 11, 2010, 04:37:48 pm ---Synapse library work with FPC 2.4.0 ?

--- End quote ---

Yes, at least the snapshot


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