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Lazarus trunk now requires fpc 2.4.0

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Paul Ishenin:
I wrote a mail to the mail list some days ago that we are require fpc 2.4.0 or higher to compile lazarus from the svn trunk but some people are not subscribed and still don't know.

If you see some problem regards unit 'resource' which is now required by IDE then know you are using some older compiler than we need. Please switch to fpc 2.4.0 or fpc trunk (if you like hot features ;) ).


Exist a snapshot for windows with fpc 2.4.0?


--- Quote from: bonmario on January 08, 2010, 09:21:01 am ---Exist a snapshot for windows with fpc 2.4.0?

--- End quote ---

Thanks, i had this link for snapshots.
Now i added also your link in my bookmarks.


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