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keyboard button visiblity? (SIP button)


Is there a way to set visibility of keyboard button that will stay as it is until I close the form?

I need bottom menu with two main items. But I don't want keyboard button to appear between them...

I tried few things... Here are some conclusions:

MS_SIPBUTTON - Find/ShowWindow work as it should - it hides the button - but only when I call it e.g. with button click... keyboard button disappears!, but appears as soon as I click on the menu (whole component, not only menu items)
 - I tried to call it in TMainMenu onChange, but it has no influence...

Googling around... there were some solutions with finding handle for the button and moving it to some coordinates out of the form... It's quite a hack approach, I am looking if there is something "official".

Why you need to hide the SIP while you have Menu bar?

Because I don't want my user to use keyboard.
I have two menu items (e.g. to jump to other forms/function) + few graphic controls and buttons on the form. Keyboard is just not needed, but I am 100% sure there will be users asking why keyboard button is there and why they can show keyboard to "disturb" them :-)


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