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Who can help me to develop non visual  todbc component for lazarus to conect to any database i need it very bad!!...

Hi Siul

I just ran across your post.

I am a dumb newbie who can not be of much help to you.

However, I am most interested in learning from what you've
found out.

Then, maybe in twenty years I'll be able to help someone.


Try using SQLDB, Zeos is also in a primitive stage of porting and is much more useful than ODBC.

Have you looked at C:\lazarus\fpcsrc\fcl\db\odbc ? (if in windows)
These classes are not TDataset like, but the work can be done since all ODBC interfaces stuff is there.

Hope this helps.

wel wen i talk about odbc id like to create somethin like borland database engine.
By the way knightcoder i tried to use that units but it´s giving me always errors on procedure calls, or when it does not lazarus hangs up . the interesting part is that i tried to use mysql compoents and i changed the code to use libmysql.dll instead mysqlclient.dll and the same problem of procedure call.

i think that the future is on database aplications with good and reliable database servers.
in this way mutch more people wil use lazarus for programing.
by the way Lightning  i will try the SQLDB, and the zeos.

And Bertcito wen i put lazarus working with database like i hope i will tell you how to do it downt wory.


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