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I was trying to convert a Delphi 5 database (Firebird) application to Lazarus, and tried using UIB, but its way to different from IBX I was using with delphi, so I tried the default Interbase components shipped with lazarus and it still needs some feauters like the parameter property and ParamByName.

I'm developing a TIBUpdateSQL component and need some help with the TIBQuery component with the properties mentioned above.
Anybody interested in helping?
This way we could at least have a working solution for Firebird databases in Lazarus.


Free  Pascal  Compiler  version  1.9.5  [2004/06/17]  for  i386
Copyright  (c)  1993-2004  by  Florian  Klaempfl
Target  OS:  Linux  for  i386
Compiling  lazarus.pp
Linking  ./lazarus
./lazarus.o(.data+0x0):  In  function  `main':
lazarus.pp:60:  undefined  reference  to  `DEBUGINFO_P$LAZARUS'
lazarus.pp(97,1)  Error:  Error  while  linking
Closing  script  ./
make[1]:  ***  [lazarus]  Fehler  1


../bin/uimpfisc.o(.text+0x98):  In  function  `TFRMIMPFISC__FORMSHOW':
uimpfisc.pas:182:  undefined  reference  to  `.L64'
../bin/uimpfisc.o(.text+0xc8):uimpfisc.pas:184:  undefined  reference  to  `.L71'
siages.lpr(26,1)  Error:  Error  while  linking
Closing  script  ../bin/

there, the error messages are more descriptive.

if you are in windows using the windows installer, there is a change that  you will not see too much messages. You can do the following in a dos box in the lazarus directory.

lazarus --debug-log=debug.txt

of if you prefer to use startlazarus then do:
set lazarus_debuglog=debug.txt

after trying to compile, exit lazarus and look in the debug.txt if there is more information. Post your findings

oops, the firsts lines didn't make it in the message they should read:
usually there are more information in the error messages
examples of what is usually available are:


Anyone tried this?

TStringGrid for Select Display :(

Hi, how can I install this components? I am first time in Lazarus:-D Talpa


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