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gtk2 and unicode


I have downloaded and compiled and rebuilded lazarus with
THat I have runned script
But when I am trying to link with gtk2 (project -> compiler options -> gtk2 radiobutton) lazaru can't compile with the following error
project1.lpr (1,1) can't find unit interfaces

Second question realted to caption...
I have read in previous post, that therew is no problem displaying unicode captions in chinese...
I can display armenian texts on label.caption and form.caption, but not on the button
What's the problem?

And third quesiton...
What is  Font.Charset Property???

GTK2 support is not complete, some people compiled Lazarus with GTK2 but it's unstable, you can get more info on the mailing list or IRC.


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you can get more info on the mailing list or IRC.

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Can You post here the link?

Right under your nose ;) -- See the menu at the left 'Mailling List':



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