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Changing font


This one is really basic:
I can't change Font and font properties at design-time on TForm and TLabel.
I guess I can't change it at run-time also.
Only TStaticText works.
Tested on Fedora and Ubuntu.

What am I missing ?

You're not missing anything. That's the way it is at present. It uses your default GTK 1.4 font, and since you're almost certainly not using Gnome 1.4 there's not much you can do about it, apart from writing your own custom components with proper font handling.
I live in hope that somebody with the programming skills which I don't have will enable TControl.Font in the LCL.


It seems to be a limitation of GTK1, the GTK2 interface is "work in progress" so after it will be functional you will be able to set the font, for the time it is recommended that you have a nice GTK theme, i tested Red Hat 9 and Mandrake 10, both have a nice theme if you install GNOME even if you are only using KDE.


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