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Problems running Lazarus on Knoppix

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Vincent Snijders:
Can you copy the one from the Fedora box?


--- Quote from: "Vincent" ---Can you copy the one from the Fedora box?
--- End quote ---

no, it's not mine and i don't have access to it anymore

Vincent Snijders:
I did some research and there is a script called samplecfg.

Locate this script, it is probably in /usr/lib/fpc/1.0.10 or /usr/lib/fpc/1.0.11.
This script creates fpc.cfg file.

run it like this.
cd /the/dir/with/the/samplecfg
./samplecfg .

If you run this script as root, fpc.cfg will be created in /etc for all user on the system
If you run this script as non-root, a .fpc.cfg file will be created in your home directory.

Just recently for testing on ppc, I created a .fpc.cfg in my home dir like:

--- Code: ---



--- End code ---

Vincent Snijders:
If you compile from the IDE the last 5 lazarus specific lines are not needed. Lazarus sets them it self.

Marc has still a problem, because the lazarus IDE can't set the target processor to ppc yet.


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