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problem with components

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I created one package with two components, compiled and installed with success in lazarus and when try put the component the lazarus return a dialog speaking:
error creating component:TLabeledMaskEdit. What can to be its ? :?:

Well you must be doing something wrong, be patient and study your code, make small modifications and test them.

I correct the component and now its is put in form. But when double click on events the form and others components return: Error:source not found: <name of file of component compiled>. What is it ? :shock:

This is working just fine here in Windows and Linux (double clicking, [...] clicking) all generate the event code without much problem, try updating from CVS, maybe you have an old version.

I entered root in linux and installed the package of component in day and out login, entered other user and try use this package and the problem with double click showed. I enter root and tested in lazarus and its problem no occurred. Suggestions to problem ? :?:


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