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New smartphone menus support

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The application type must match the device. Maybe smartphone is a wrong name, This mode is actually for simple phones, but I don't know why Microsoft calls them smartphone mode in Windows CE, but todays smartphones are actually quite powerful so they will usually be running in PocketPC mode, and only simple phones will run in "smartphone" mode.

It is the confused names, PocketPC, PDA, SmartPhone ...
AS i understand from names

PDA / PocketPC has no SIM card can not access the phones and theres is no Contacts Like WinCE or PALM
SmartPhone same PDA but have all missed above Like Windows Mobile
Maybe you need make new name more simple PDA, i have "Data Collector" for example as very simple PDA.

Hi Felipe,

Hate to bring old topics back to live, but maybe I'm doing something wrong...

I have a menu with 2 top-level items.
Both have onclick-events assigned to update a label that says which menu I clicked.

I have Lazarus 0.9.29 24092 / FPC 2.4.1 with accompanying crosscompiler for arm.

On Win Mobile 6.5 Smartphone emulator the two menu-items appear. If I click the left menu item, the program halts. No Error reported. If I click the right menu, nothing happens, allthough there is an event assigned.

Are LCL-menus on the smartphone not yet supported? If I try with KOL-CE, the menu-items do work as expected, although sometimes they just disappear...

Please report the bug. I have developed mostly with WM 5 emulator and now I see that with the 6.x emulator there are some problems ... it's always bad when new version changes things =)

Hi Felipe,

I tested on emulator WM 5.0 and the effects are about the same.

I also tested on PocketPC emulator, both WM 5.0 and WM 6.5

On PocketPC emulators, the menus work as expected.

On Smartphone Emulator: if I have 2 top level menu items, NO subitems.
Left menu attached to event that changes caption of label to 'Left Clicked'
Right menu attached to event that changes label1.caption to "right clicked"

I created on two pc's, one with lazarus 0.9.28 / fpc 2.2.4, other with lazarus 0.9.29 rev 24092 / fpc 2.4.1

All tests below on Smartphone emulator.

Laz 29, wm 5 : Menu captions appears, leftclick closes program, right menu does not respond
Laz 29, wm 6.5 : same

BTW: closing is nice, it even fires onclosequery-event.

Laz 28, wm 5 : menu captions do Not appear, click on both left and right shows non-existing submenu with caption "1". No onclick response
Laz 28, wm6.5 : same

So I see no difference if I test on wm 5 or wm 6.5 emulators.
Its the newer lazarus version or the newer fpc version or the newer cross-comp that changes behaviour.

Also found out that labels on the form in 0.9.29 version jumpt to top=0, left=0 (upper left corner of form). Both on PocketPC and Smartphone emulators.

Testing these behaviours is far from easy and even far from fun :-(  There are differences between lazarus/fpc versions, WM versions (according to you) and differences between Smartphone and Pocket-PC....  Although it looks like KOL-CE is not as affected. But it has been a long time since I saw Yuri answering KOL-questions. I try to make a pocketpc application work on smartphone...

So submitting a bug-report is not easy, especially as I have no idea where to look. I'm an application developer...



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