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I just did the initial smartphone menus implementation in LCL-WinCE. It would be very useful if people start testing it (svn lazarus) and post bug reports about what is missing in menu support for all targets (smartphone, pda, handheld). I used the Windows Mobile 5.0 emulator to develop and the best layout working is 2 menu items, both with subitens.

Also very good would be if people start helping filling this table about device information:


It give me  blank Main Menu bar in Windows CE 5.00 Build 1400

How is your menu layout? Can you create a bug report and attach a test project?

I test it with a new project with simple menu 2 items first one have subitem, It work fine, with my old projects give me empty bar even on WM5.

I must find the conditions before report a bug, i will try to find the diff between the old projects and the new one.

I have old test project i can send it if you like.


I caught it, i put this line in the project unit

Application.ApplicationType := atSmartphone;

When i removed this line the menu worked fine.


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