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« on: January 31, 2005, 04:05:06 pm »
So, one year ago I asked about unicode support.
Now, I am asking again.

I need to create application with armenian language unicode support, i. e. I need to write unicode in forms, and I need to write unicode on labels, menus, etc.

I can't do it in Lazarus.
I can do it with Kylix, because QT understands unicode, and I don't understand why can't do same in Lazarus, because, GTK too understands unicode.

In Kylix there is a property charset. It may be fcsUnicode. In Lazarus charset is '1' by default.
What does mean that '1' ???
How to set charset to unicode?
Why I can't write armenian unicode text in editor, but can do it in any app in my FC3???
Why when I do
Label1.Text := #1329
It shows '1' ?????????

I like Lazarus, because it is really platform independent, object pascal, non glibc compiler.
It is very cool, that fpc programs doen't depend on glibc.
It will be more cool to have our own widget, because gtk depend on glibc.
But it isn't very big problem just now for me.
I need unicode.
I need it very much.
My locale is en_US.UTF-8
Help me please.


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« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2005, 11:16:37 am »
So, one year ago I asked about unicode support.
Now, I am asking again.

I do not like your tone, Lazarus is an OpenSource project with a small number of developers, Lazarus is not an experiment that needs checking every year, if you like it so much try to help it by reporting bugs, sending patches or helping other users.
I think you'll find your answer much faster on the mailing list or the IRC.
About different charsets i think they are somewhat supported, the syntax highlighter seems to have some problems with certain chars but this could be solved by chosing a 2 byte font, some guys managed to get Lazarus to understand russian so i think there is a solution, changing the language in the IDE might change the codepage too but it doesn't apply to the code editor, however the ObjectInspector(PropertyEditor) might already support various charsets since it is drawn by GTK while the code editor is custom drawn by the LCL/SynEdit
However if Lazarus still doesn't support what you need you might add that support just like other users do and send patches to the list, from what i know FPC has widestring support and i'm sure it won't be that hard to make the IDE understand your language.
Good luck !

BTW: Kylix is a dead project, it is emulated using wine libs, QT wrappers and doesn't support the latest kernels, it's problem is certainly not libc, Borland doesn't seem to have any plans with Kylix as they haven't made much money with it and no patches have been made available.
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Re: unicode
« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2005, 12:54:59 pm »
Quote from: "norayr"
So, one year ago I asked about unicode support.
Now, I am asking again.

Thanks for coming back and asking again. AFAIK not much progress has been made.  There are plans for supporting UTF8 more.

The current developers can live with the current limitations most of the time and have other priorities. The (little) progress that has been made the past year is mostly because somebody contributed patches for support of Arab text in the source editor. So unless somebody wants to invest time in it, it could very well be that in 2005 no unicode / UTF8 support will be added to lazarus.


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