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Update to SMNetGradient component (2.0.5)


I updated the SMNetGradient component.

The main changes are the fix to the crash that was occurring when the component was used inside a frame (it was trying to create a handle while loading), fix for the memory leaks and addition of Begin/EndUpdate methods to avoid multiple redraws when setting properties.

I also removed the About property since it does not make sense at all. It was just making the executable bigger. If you were using previous versions Lazarus will warn you about not find that property. Just open the lfm, remove the About references and reload the project.

This is the full changelog:

Changes between 2.0.4 and 2.0.5 (By Luiz Américo)
* Correctly set the version info in the package description
* Removed About property since does not make sense at all
* Made SubCaption a read only property
* Removed unused variables and fields
* Commented SbCapOffs since is not being used currently
* Add const keyword for read only string parameters
* Check is new value is equal to old one in set property methods
* Comment initialization of fields with default values (False, 0)
* Remove DestroyObjects function: was being used to destroy only one object
* Format the code (remove excess of spaces) for more consistency
* Added BeginUpdate and EndUpdate: protects against handle creation while loading
* Published BorderSpacing
* Fixed memory leaks


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