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GTK2 Support?

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i will start to program some nice little apps with lazarus (btw, really GREAT work!). But, gtk1 is soo ugly.... can someone tell when it will be usable?


What distro do you have ? (I assume Debian or similar)
It looks just fine on a MDK 10 here.
Anyway GTK2 is in plans :)
Lazarus has already been compiled with GTK2 but it's too unstable to be used yet, be patient ;)

Hmmm... BTW, are there any changes in the Lazarus' GUI planned? :) IMHO IDE as good as Laz deserves a better GUI ;)

mikiwoz,  what do you have in mind ?
Most users seem to be happy with the current interface.

Oh, well, you know... ;)
Just some minor polishing, changing the button images, and so on. Nothing important, really.
I have a friend, a Delphi freak (such as myself until I found Laz) who is just trying to find every stupid little disadvantage of Laz.
Well, everyone must agree, that compared to Delphi Laz is quite an ugly duckling... I was just wondering if, as GTK2 support is being added, the change into the swan can start. :)
Actually I am quite happy with the interface too; nevertheles... Ah, how I wish I knew the art of computer-art... ;)


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