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Transmission Remote GUI is feature rich cross platform front-end to remotely control Transmission bittorrent daemon via its RPC protocol. It is faster and has more functionality than build-in Transmission web interface.

Transmission 1.40 or later is supported.

Transmission Remote GUI is developed using Lazarus RAD and Free Pascal compiler.


    * Native application for Windows and Linux
    * uTorrent-like interface
    * Torrents filtering by status and tracker
    * Resolving of peer's host name and country
    * Displaying of peer's country flag
    * Tray icon and balloon tooltips when download is complete.
    * Association with .torrent files.
    * Selectable download folder when adding new torrent.
    * Select files to download
    * Choose files priority
    * View details about connected peers
    * Full information about each torrent
    * Per torrent options

Project home:

Sternas Stefanos:
Very good project.

Vincent Snijders:
Nice looking application. Maybe you can add it to the Lazarus projects list or the Lazarus Application Gallery.


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