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Connecting from Linux to Win2000 IB-server

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I have Lazarus running on a Win2K and on a Linux box. I installed on both machines the IB-components. I can connect to local databases.
I can connect from my Win2K box to a database on the Linux box. However I am unable to connect from my Linux box to a database on the Win2K machine,
I receive the following error messages:

--- Quote ---
- Unable to complete network request to host "linux".
- Failed to locate host machine.
- Undefined service /athlon/tcp.

--- End quote ---

My Win2K is called: Athlon, the linux machine is called Linux.

Has anyone got a clue?

Try using the address directly 192.168.*.* or whatever the address is

Did you try from the console too ?
You still haven't swiched to FireBird ? :)
Well did you use the machine name to connect or the IP ?
From what i know Linux doesn't recognise Windows host names, except if you're using some app to do this.
You must edit /etc/hosts file and add aliases/names and their IP.

I did try with the IP-adress. Didnot help either.
I edited /etc/hosts and added the Win2K box. Then tried again:

--- Code: ---
database := athlon:/athlon_g/Program Files/Common Files/Borland Shared/Data/EMPLOYEE.GDB

--- End code ---

gives the following error:

--- Quote ---
- I/O error for file "/athlon_g/Program Files/Common Files/Borland Shared/Data/EMPLOYEE.GDB"
- Error while trying to open ile.
- The system cannot find the path specified.

--- End quote ---

So now it looks that after adding the other computer to the hosts file I'm a step closer. :) All I have to do know is figure out how to enter the path to the database file.

I think your path should be the windows path since that server is running on windows.
instead of "/athlon_g/Program Files/Common Files/Borland Shared/Data/EMPLOYEE.GDB" you should have
"G:\Program Files\Common Files\Borland Shared\Data\EMPLOYEE.GDB"
Your path is a linux path, this would work if you would like to use that file on localhost, however i think you need a trick/setting to use a network file as local with FB/IB.
OFF-TOPIC: change the .gdb extension to .idb or some other extension since .gdb is a reserved windows extension and will reduce the speed of your server, read more on ibphoenix website.


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