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How to connect to a PC via SSH? (Is it possible?)

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I need to work (run/edit/delete files) with 12 Linux computer nodes in a cluster. Usually I use SSH to connect to those nodes.
How can I do this from Lazarus?

I am new to Lazarus but I have good experience with Delphi.


Vincent Snijders:
You can use TProcess that calls plink.exe or ssh. See the input/output example of

PLink is for Windows. I am running on Linux.

I have tried to run the 'ssh' command via TProcess (see the example here: but it is not working. I mean it launches the SSH, then it asks for password and then nothing happens. TProcess returns no output from SSH.

Vincent Snijders:
IIRC, when I wrote the example, I used passwordless connections, using a private key file.

ssh doesn't ask for a password through a "virtual" console like a pipe, but it wants a real console.
google on ssh-askpass, maybe it helps


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