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Hi, not sure if this is the correct place to post this but , i figure it's worth a shot  :)

Myself and a friend Steve Chesser have recently started work on a windows and linux telnet bbs software in lazarus/free pascal and are looking for anyone else interested in the project. If so please email me at


Is interest for Telnet bbs's really that far gone, rem the good old days of Telegard , ViSiON-X, Celerity , PCBoard?

Well if it comes to telnet itself it is still being used in some cases. If it comes to bbs then I agree. However if you present some idea how to make this soft "the way it hasn't been done before" then it might draw more attention

I have had 2 ppl willing to help so thats kinda cool

oh i forgot you can also contact me on


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