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Lazarus & Debugger oops etc

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I have setup a new version of Lazarus.

Problems now are.
2 Icons in the Dock.
1. that I placed after the new install.
When I click on it to run the program I then get 2 Icons.

2. I have tested many examples plus my applications and each time I do a RUN up comes
Debugger error Ooops the debugger entered ....

It is not specific to any program or packages.

The program does however compile Ok if I build.
The resultant program is fine.
Not so good for debugging any errors (and I have a few)


Forgot to add

Version 0.9.27 beta
FPC 2.2.4
SVN 21182
I386-darwin-carbon (beta)

Have tested some of my application on a new Mac.
The older program DO work.
However any new programs compiled will nOT work.
As a test I compiled Address_book from the examples folder.
On this new Macbook Pro I get an error. This application addrbook quit unexpectedtly.

Their is something very wrong with my Lazarus install.
I have through the un-install procedure.
Deleted all files from Developer/lazarus and Lazarus from the Applications folder.

I used a Daily snapshot as well to test and had the same error.

Without re-installing Leopard from scratch what can I do.

This is serious for me.

I only wish I new more on how a Mac works.


can you post the output of the debug oputput window ? The oops is usually caused by som unexpected response form gdb.

This is one that I did a week or so ago.
It was posted on another thread.



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