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JCSV Component ported to lazarus

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The JCSV Componet has been ported to Lazarus, please find attached zip file.

Great news. Thanks a lot. I needed this particular CSV component set.  :D

What is JCSV and how it is better than TSdfDataset?

Hi JCSV is no better than sdf, it is database independent, none of the data controls in lazarus work with it, in its original form it came with a edit control, combobox control and it's own database navigator, I have added a label control to it, you can search the csv database on any field and it will return a result.
Basically it is just a different way of using a csv database, originally created by Jan Verhoven, I have found it useful when you don't need all the database functionality of lazarus or delphi.

Vincent Snijders:
Please, consider to release your port on Lazarus-CCR, so that it won't get lost between all forum post. All you need to do is, create a wiki page to describe the component/port, you can start with the release template from:


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