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KSP needs help


With releasing KSP 2009 R2 we are asking for help. KSP is a sound player currently available only for Windows although we want to port it to Linux and Mac.

Linux developer

Required skills: knowledge of Lazarus and Linux

Description: we want to port KSP to Linux. Your job will be to make sure that KSP code is ready for compilation under Linux based system. Some steps have been already taken yet there is still alot of changes to be made. There is going to be separate SVN branch just for Linux developers that will be based on current trunk.

Documentation writer

Required skills: knowledge of HTML, basic knowledge of KSP

Description: we need help in writing KSP manual. That includes installation manual, configuration and usage. Also advanced tips and tricks (such as which folders KSP uses). We can provide any help in understanding more advanced features of KSP.


Required skills: knowledge of PO files and gettext

Description: we need help in translating KSP to new languages. KSP fully supports localisation yet it's not fully translated to most langauges.

If you are afraid of committment for some reason (not enough time or so) then it is not a problem. Whenever you write patch just send it to us using any possible way (either send patch here: or just pm me on this forum). We can use any help.

KSP website:

It would be useful if you can also create a page with comments on your porting from Delphi to Lazarus.

There seem to be no screen shots on the home page - it is nice to know what exactly KSP does, and what it looks like.

Today and tomorrow there will be a few website updates including about KSP page and screenshots.
If it comes to porting status from Delphi to Lazaris it is connected with porting from Windows to other systems. version in trunk compiles as it is. goal of Linux branch is to make code as much independent on os as it can be.
The biggest problem atm is player's class and (even more) routines that it uses, especially concerning Unicode. In original code there was written in Delphi and uses TnT version stuff (the one in trunk still does). The goal is to eliminate unit containing TnT classes and port functions in UniCodeUtils.pas. At this point UniCodeUtils compile however some units still use TnTCollection and eventually Windows which prevents KSP from compiling from this branch. As you suggest I will send full status of both branches on KSP website


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