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Failed to install lazarus


I am new to mac osx, so my know how is at very low level  :wink:
Does anyone have, or can create, a package to make an installation of the actual lazarus files like for windows?

Since an half year i tra them from time to time without success.
Please can anyone help?

thanks and best regards,

it's me again...

looks like compiling was successful, but starting lazarus
with "./lazarus" gives message

"Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:"

Apple's Developer CD and X11 is installed.
Also gtk 1.2 with fink.

any ideas?


start lazarus with ./lazarus --display=localhost:0

Hi Marc,

thanks but does not help.
Have rebuild all again (now this is working fine right now  :wink: )

If i start "xinit" and type in "./lazarus" the application starts.
Only one strange problem left: I do not have window borders and buttons for resize, close and so on? I am i missing something in X11 or gtk ?

thanks for your help,


Hi Marc, now got it working.
Reinstalled Apple's X11 and everything work fine.

many thanks, Hari


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