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Lazarus International Games Contest


Send your game made with Lazarus to the Lazarus International Games Contest promoted by LazarusBrasil.Org until December, 31, 2009. Send it by email to webmaster at with the subject "Lazarus International Games Contest". The best game will have a page to it in our website.

interesting :)

should the game be open sourced?


IMHO the requirement for all the games to be open-sourced should not be enforced. Lazarus/FPC is a "twin" project that could use some help, marketing-wise. There could be two sections, for example, open-source and closed-source; that would attract a larger audience and perhaps some outstanding projects will be noticed by publishers and may end up becoming commercial products.

And, of course, all games should carry the brand "Powered by Lazarus/FPC".

I agree. The license should be informed by the author, once the source is being published when he send it to us.

So, any kind of license.


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