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I am proud to present second release of new audio player written using Lazarus: KSP.

Currently KSP has basic functionality like:

    * Media Library support
    * MP3, WMA and OGG support (more types soon)
    * M3U and PLS playlists support

KSP requires only 10 MB of HDD. It also requires MySQL Server (can be downloaded from to maintain it's Media Library.

Binary code compiled for x86 and x64 can be downloaded from KSP website. Here you can also download full source code.

KSP website:

I have also one wish. If anyone here likes the idea of new audio player (this time totally written with Lazarus/FPC) and want to help with it please feel free to contact me. you can send message on this forum or contact me here:

Thank you


--- Quote ---KSP requires only 10 MB of HDD
--- End quote ---
10 MB?! that's quite huge actually... (does it include all 3rd party libs?)

--- Quote ---It also requires MySQL Server (can be downloaded from to maintain it's Media Library
--- End quote ---
Why not Sqlite? It's much smaller and can be embedded easily.

1. It contains all required libraries. This requirement is for x64 compilation. X86 requires little over 7 mb. I still haven't made all requires optimisations.
2. Sqlite support is the next target. Once it is done user will be able to choose between database types. Database class is actually based on one of my other projects that requires using network database. Although it's going to be improved to support multiple databases with Sqlite3 as primary one.


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