Author Topic: Changing font back to default - wrong charset ???  (Read 3331 times)


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Changing font back to default - wrong charset ???
« on: January 07, 2010, 08:02:58 am »
Hello, i got a problem with a large application...
After editing the Font of TMainForm the Labels and Controls showed the wrong charset...
I mean that spezial German Chars where displayed wrong. So i decided to switch back to the "DEFAULT_CHARSET" but it did not work. Labels had still the wrong charset.
So i made a "diff" to the prior version and found FontHeigth = -13 in the mainform.lfm file.
This declaration did not exist in the prior (working) version. After deleting the FontHeight = -13 the application worked again.
Is this a bug in Lazarus ??? How can i set the FontHeigth of the DEFAULT_CHARSET ???

regards, Thomas


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