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mysqlclient.dll where find it?

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I installed Lazarus on my WinXP an it's run ok, but when I install mysql component to access mysql database the program (Lazarus) does not run and tell me: mysqlclient.dll not found. Then I downloaded mysql and install it, but in /mysql/lib/opt I find only libmysql.dll and not mysqlclient.dll. Please, give-me a help !

MySQL should have a good client dll and you should copy it to the System32 dir maybe make a copy with the second name too.

I have the same problem. I only found libmysql.dll and mysqlclient.lib, but not mysqlclient.dll.   :x

I have the same problem. When i copy libmysql.dll to mysqlclient.dll and try to run my program it cause a error message "entry point to procedure mysql_server_int not found in library DLL mysqlclient.dll" Is there anyone developer to tell us how we can fix that problem?

Anybody knows what to do with that problem?


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