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Lazarus cant run with comodo firewall

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upload to

false detection of those do happen regulary with some antivirus


so it looks like it is a false alert

some AV share there databases, so if one goes wrong, then there is a good chance that 1 or 2 others will too.

you can always try to contact there support and have it fixed. I do not know though if comodo offers a contact form for this. some companies do

I recently moved back to using Comodo Internet Security Premium after a 2 year hiatus. I chose not to activate Defense+/HIPS on my system to reduce the number of alerts. LuizAmerico also pointed this out.

Concerning Lazarus, I noticed that the following files have to be declared as "safe" for Lazarus to work properly

a) fpc.exe
b) fpcres.exe
c) gdb.exe
d) ppc386.exe
e) project1.exe
e) startlazarus.exe
f) lazarus.exe

The first five files above need to be declared as safe when a new project is being debugged. The last two files above only apply after a fresh installation of Lazarus or a rebuild of the existing Lazarus installation.

Once this is done, Lazarus works without problems. I had uninstalled Comodo two years ago because it blocked the Lazarus debugger with Defense+ enabled, but now that I better understand how it works, it is now my preferred anti-malware/firewall security tool.

I refer you to the online documentation to help you to configure the product.



I still have no serious reply from the guys. After all that time...


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