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Help on how to use WinCE debuger

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For others reading this thread, the following (running gdb --tui) is not needed, having arm-wince-pe-stub.exe and gdb.exe in the same dir and gdb.exe as debugger in lazarus is enough.

--- Quote from: lyh1 on July 23, 2009, 06:11:54 pm ---To Debug your project, put GDB Debugger(arm-wince-pe-stub.exe and    gdb.exe) along with your source code.

Run "gdb --tui YourExec.exe" in your project directory(I prefer run it in a bat file) then a console come up and show your project source.
If someone that can integrate the debug process in IDE, it will more attractive to mobile developer. >:D

--- End quote ---

Another debugging solution is creating a log file in the same dir as the executable. This can be done with:

--- Code: ---uses LCLProc, SysUtils;

DbgAppendToFile(ExtractFilePath(ParamStr(0)) + '1.log', 'My log message');

--- End code ---

It substitutes WriteLn style of debugging.


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