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Sorry if everyone is getting "Relaying denied" when sending my mail.  My host provider has screwed up my domain.   Apparently they have deleted symbolic links to my virtual domain of and misconfigured the e-mail server at the same time to not accept mail for me, among other issues I've seen.  Last time they did this it was supposedly because of a "security upgrade" they installed.  I'm waiting impatiantly for today's excuse.


Well, turns out I'm the victim of 25 simultaneous MX dictionary spam attacks.  The combined bandwidth usage is a very effective denial of service attack.  I've temporarily pointed my MX record right back at one of the spammers, but not until after leaving it pointed at the Whitehouse's mail server for an hour.  So for the next week (at least) I probably won't have e-mail.  If messages to the list are bouncing on my address, feel free to temporarily remove from the list.   In the meantime, I'm reachable by


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