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getting x y coords from TChart onMouseMove

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Vincent Snijders:
I think there is a bug in TChart.MouseMove, that it does not call inherited always. Other TChart mouse method seem to be affected too.

Please create a bug report.

OK, I would call this a bug of TAChart. Overriding MouseMove like it is done is the way to do it.
I don't know if the author had a reason for not passing x and y

Hi, I posted a bug report. I notice that the bug is scheduled to be resolved for Target Version =>1.0.0 , Does this mean Lazarus version 1.0.0?  As it took two years to get from version 0.9.22 to ,it might take a long time to get resolved? I realise that this is a very minor bug and probably effects very very few people, but I can't procede with my application without this, as I need to interact with the charts using the mouse. Is there some kind of workaround?

I would willingly help in trying to resolve this, but as a complete oop newbie, I'm very much out of my depth.  :(

Best regards and thanks for a truly great program, I voted for it in the community choice awards.


Vincent Snijders:
If you want it to resolved before, supply a patch, then we add it in the next release or the one after that, if the next release in imminent.


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