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Jubarte - Telecommunications Link Calculator


Jubarte aims to create a complete application suite to calculate and analyse the viability of telecommunication links. It is being developed in Lazarus enviroment.

Current Status

# Radio
    * Straith sight Point-to-point links
    * Fresnell ellipsoid obstruction

# Optical Fibers
    * Link Analysis on power attenuation and signal dispersion.
    * Fiber profile definition

# Satellites
    * Elevation, azimuth and antenna polarization angule for geostationary satélites.
    * Link viability analysis
    * Intermediate frequency(IF) for MODEMs.
    * Frequency Tune for UP and DOWN converters.
    * Transponders in C Band.

# Cooling System
    * Dimension cooling systems for telecommunication rooms

Oficial Website:
Google Code:

Vincent Snijders:
Deserves a place in the Gallery and Lazarus projects list.

Thanks. How can i do that ?

Vincent Snijders:
I think you found out in the meantime, didn't you?

Do you still have questions?

Hi vincent, i didn't know that i have to make another registration. Thanks anyway !


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