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XOctave : Octave GUI written with Lazarus

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Please check it out new GUI for Octave. It's free for personal use.



    * Can connect to Octave and capture output
    * Can get variable list
    * Variables can be saved, viewed using variable viewer
    * Can handle scripts using editor
    * Breakpoints can be used inside editor
    * Package handling
    * Path browser
    * Many options
    * Help is also available

Linux ?

Vincent Snijders:
The screenshots look pretty. The wiki mentions OctaveGui, I guess that is something different. Maybe you can add XOctave too? Screenshots are welcome in the Lazarus Application Gallery.

excellent, thanks mmab :) I'll check that out in the coming days as time allows


 thanks for encouraging.
 I compiled under Ubuntu so far, but couldnt have time to test it.
 If anyone wants to compile and distribute it under redhat, suse etc, I can share the code.
 OctaveGui is an another gui, but doesnt have any capabilities such as debugging, help, editor etc.



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